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We are a customer focused Milton Mechanic business servicing Paddington from our Milton Mechanic Centre. We provide dealership quality service without treating you like a number and with affordable mechanic services. We service all brands with a focus on European makes. Once you try us, you wont go all the way back dealerships for a service again. If your looking for a Mechanic Paddington, Live Local with Le Mans at Milton.

Le Mans Milton is a Bosch Certified mechanical service centre so you can be confident you will a great service or quality repair from fully qualified mechanics with the latest tech. We have been maintaining an exceptional level of service in car service since 1974. With over forty years of experience we offer a far superior service to dealerships, in addition we are around half to a third cheaper than the dealerships.

Le Mans is conveniently located to Paddington on 36 Douglas St Milton just off Park Rd. Many of our customers live in Paddington and appreciate that they can get their car serviced without leaving the Paddinton / Milton area.

As a Bosch approved car service company that specialises in Euro servicing for such cars as VW, Fiat, Mercedes, Audi and BMW. We can generally turn you car service around same day and pride ourselves on greater level of service than dealerships and are more competitive in car service and mechanic repairs for your vehicle. In this way we off great value for an Paddington Mechanic service from Le Mans Milton.



Mechanics Paddington
Mechanic Paddington
Mechanic Brisbane
Mechanics Paddington
Mechanic Paddington
Mechanic Paddington

We’re a certified tire company with trained, experienced professionals. Trust us as your experts in tire repairs, balance, and rotation.

Mechanic Paddington
Mechanic Paddington
Mechanic Paddington



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Gladstone Street Mechanic Paddington
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Glassey Street Mechanic Paddington
Gordon Street Mechanic Paddington
Great George Street Mechanic Paddington
Grove Street Mechanic Paddington
Gulliver Street Mechanic Paddington 
Guthrie Street Mechanic Paddington
Hale Street Mechanic Paddington
Hall Street Mechanic Paddington
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Hayward Street Mechanic Paddington
Hazlewood Street Mechanic Paddington
Herbert Street Mechanic Paddington
Heussler Terrace Mechanic Paddington
Horsfall Street Mechanic Paddington
Howard Street Mechanic Paddington
Hume Street Mechanic Paddington
Imperial Terrace Mechanic Paddington
Issac Street Mechanic Paddington
Jubilee Terrace Mechanic Paddington
Kennedy Terrace Mechanic Paddington
Kingston Road Mechanic Paddington
Lotona Street Mechanic Paddington
Latrobe Terrace Mechanic Paddington
Lizzie Street Mechanic Paddington
Long Street Mechanic Paddington
Lower Cairns Terrace Mechanic Paddington
Lugg Street Mechanic Paddington
Macartney Street Mechanic Paddington
Macgragor Terrace Mechanic Paddington
Martha Terrace Mechanic Paddington
McNab Street Mechanic Paddington
Moore Street Mechanic Paddington 
Street Mechanic Paddington 

Mechanic Paddington


Mechanic Paddington - Le Mans Milton

Mechanics Paddington

From head gasket to tailpipe, we’ve got you covered. We know what we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you on the road.

Mechanics Paddington
Mechanic Paddington
Mechanics Paddington

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Woodcock Street Paddington 

We offer many preventative maintenance options. It's the convenient way to keep your car healthy and in top condition. 

Mechanic Paddington
Mechanic Paddington


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51 Godwin st bulimba

A log book service is a broad service guided by the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Completing these services helps to preserve your vehicle’s statutory warranty and keep your car in top shape.

Mechanic Paddington - Le Mans Mechanic Milton
Servicing all of Paddington
Ada Street Mechanic Paddington 
Mechanic Paddington
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Mechanic Paddington
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Mechanic Paddington
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Mechanic Paddington
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Mechanic Paddington
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Mechanic Paddington
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Bass Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Bayswater Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Beck Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Bellavista Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Belleview Parade Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Belmont Crescent Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Bernhard Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Berry Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Bousfield Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Bowler Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Boys Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Brigalow Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Brindle Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Campbell Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Carlyle Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Caronline Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Carrington Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Caxton Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Central Avenue Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Charolette Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Charteris Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Chrystal Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Club Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Cochrane Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Collingwood Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Cook Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Copeland Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Corsham Street Paddington Mechanic Paddington
Croydon Road Paddington 
Mechanic Paddington
Daintree Street Paddington 
Mechanic Paddington
Devon Street Paddington 
Mechanic Paddington
Donaldson Street Paddington 
Mechanic Paddington
Dowse Street Paddington 
Mechanic Paddington
Drynan Street Paddington 
Mechanic Paddington

Looking for a Bulimba mechanic you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest auto repair team in the area. 

Mechanics Paddington

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